Movable Scaffolding System

  • Load capacity: 460-1600T
  • Span: 20~50m

Movable scaffolding system is a kind of construction machinery which comes with formwork and uses bearing platform or pier column as support to pour the bridge on site. The movable scaffolding system mainly consists of: outrigger mechanism, supporting truss beam, internal and external template, main beam lifting mechanism and so on. It is a kind of construction equipment integrating formwork, support system and walking function.

According to the travel mode, it can be divided into upward travel type movable scaffolding system and downward travel type movable scaffolding system.


  • It can finish the shifting of legs over holes by itself without other auxiliary equipment on the ground
  • The main beam is equipped with rainproof and sunproof roofs on both sides to ensure the maintenance of precast beams.
  • When passing continuous girders or continuous rigid structure and other inter-bridge transitions, the side scaffolding system and bottom scaffolding system can be unfolded to facilitate passing.
  • The main girder and scaffolding system are designed symmetrically, only the front guide beam and front and rear legs need to be changed to meet the requirements of two-way construction.


Item MSS900 MSS460
Weight of one cast-in-place beam piece (t) 900 460
Cast-in-place beam piece (m) 32.6/24.6 29.94/24.96
Self-weight of the whole machine (t) 450 310
Longitudinal speed of the whole machine (m/min) 0.5 0.5
Machine power (kw) 50 46.5
Maximum support reaction force at working point (m/min) 5805 3333
Overall machine size (m) 62.5×20.6×5.6 58.5×13.8×5
Average construction speed (day/span) 12 12
Adaptation curve radius (m) R>2000 R>2000
Adaptation to longitudinal slope/cross slope 2 %/2% 2 %/2%

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  • 70000 sets cranes/year
  • Output value: 600million USD
  • 850,000m²Covers an Area
  • Export 100+ country


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