20sets Beam Transport Trolley and 5sets 250T Straddle Carrier

August 09, 2021

sets beam transport trolley

  • Time: 2021.6
  • Country: Hungary
  • Project: 250T Straddle Carrier
  • Qty: 5 sets

The Serbian section of the Hungary-Serbia Railway has a total length of 142.2 kilometers. It was constructed by a Chinese company and started in June 2018 and is scheduled to be completed in 2022; the Hungary section is 159.4 kilometers long. The entire project was provided by us 20sets beam transport trolley and 5sets 250T Straddle Carrier.

The project was jointly contracted by many suppliers, and we were responsible for the transshipment part of the bridge. Customers found us through the website. After 1 year of communication, they purchased 20sets beam transport trolley and 5sets 250T Straddle Carrier.

It is still under construction. It is estimated that 3sets double girder gantry crane, 2sets Beam launchers and 2sets Bridge Girder Launchers will be needed.

It is now in the final drawing confirmation state. It is expected that the final drawing will be confirmed in mid-October and will be put into production in November. It will be installed and used in January 2022.

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