Why Does Beam Launcher Turn Over

August 05, 2021

At this stage, when the beam launcher enters the lifting site in the industrial production process, it is necessary to check the position of the vehicle, the elastic space of the hydraulic leg, and the loose hardness of the soil. For industrial applications, the hydraulic leg corner plate needs to be padded with wood, and the distance at the lifting site needs to be flat and solid. Backfill soil and soft soil should be disposed of. If the soil is soft, it should be laid alone. It is not allowed to stop the operation on the slope, nor is it allowed to have two sides of the crane one high and one low.

turn over

In the construction, stop overload lifting and stop the inclined lifting of small beam launcher. Inclined crane will form load and wire rope groove, and even the formation of broken rope and overturned. High altitude and heavy objects will also make the heavy objects out of the ground attack after shaking, can touch people or other objects. Equipment in the lashing component of the sling must be accounted, lifting things should be checked regularly, to judge the damage, binding method should be correct and strong, so as not to break the sling in lifting or slip from the component, so that the beam launcher weightlessness and tipping.

Don't lifting weight of unknown critical component equipment, then settled within the industry use of how to increase the service life of, on the one hand, according to the customer maintenance, increase the service life, a timely disposal of hydraulic oil, check the gaps between the tires, often beat butter, check all aspects of the noise, the winter must be regularly maintenance, also is can not load hoisting, That will wear the parts of the beam launcher, so that the degree of wear of the parts is too large, leading to the reduction of service life.

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