Maintenance Of Wire Rope For Beam Launcher

August 05, 2021

Beam launcher is an important mechanical equipment used in beam construction. The design of bridge erecting machine is the key part of wire rope. Therefore, the maintenance of wire rope of bridge erecting machine can‘t be ignored. In order to maintain the wire rope, special attention must be paid to the corrosion resistance of the wire rope in daily maintenance and inspection.

First, to do frequently oiling, oiling for wire rope is often in motion is essential. The hemp core of the new steel wire rope generally contains 12% ~ 15% grease, while the obsolete steel wire rope contains 2.4% grease in the part with large loss. At the end of the same steel wire rope, even if it has not gone through the pulley, it still contains 12.7% ~ 14.5% grease.

Two, if the new wire rope, we must pay attention to not show the knot, surround and so on, in order to prevent unnecessary accidents in the process of use.

Three, pay special attention to the replacement of wire rope. The wire rope is a vulnerable part. If found in the use of serious wear and fracture, it must be replaced in time. Because the wire rope of the bridge erecting machine plays an important role in lifting weights, the wire rope of the bridge erecting machine must be maintained first.


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